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Medicare Planning

Live Longer & Feel Better with Medicare

Medicare coverage is a benefit of retirement for men and women who have paid into Medicare as part of the U.S. tax system. It’s a social insurance program that provides health insurance through a list of private insurance providers to over 55 million Americans.

The Medicare system comes in four parts:

  • Part A – Covers hospice and inpatient care
  • Part B – Covers doctors’ services and outpatient care
  • Part C – Covers additional services not covered by parts A, B, and D
  • Part D – Covers prescription drugs

You can sign up for one or more parts of Medicare to receive the coverage you need, and depending on your situation, you may or may not qualify for each part.

Retirement Evolution is certified to provide Medicare supplement & Medicare Advantage plans through the private insurance carrier, United Healthcare. Schedule a meeting to learn about your options—you may qualify for a Medicare supplement or Advantage plan that helps you cover costs not covered by original Medicare.

There are many moving parts to the Medicare system, but your friends at Retirement Evolution  Group are well-informed and ready to help.

How Medicare Helps You

Each part of Medicare comes with a host of stipulations, but healthy adults and those with existing conditions can both benefit from coverage.

Part A

Medicare Part A offers coverage for in-hospital patient care as well as hospice care for terminally ill patients.

The most complete coverage is available only in the first 60 days of inpatient care. After meeting a deductible, patients can stay up to 60 days in-hospital fully covered by Medicare. Additional days come with varying coinsurance payments, and coverage for days after day 60 will eventually expire.

Part B

Medicare Part B offers coverage for typical services rendered by a doctor or healthcare provider and other outpatient care. It covers most of the cost of approved services, which typically include chiropractic care, physician services, visiting nurse care, and diagnostic testing.

Some emergency services such as ambulance transportation, chemotherapy, and blood transfusions may also be covered.

Part C

Medicare Part C offers the option to purchase coverage in addition to coverages offered by Medicare parts A, B, and D. These plans are also called Medicare Advantage plans or, sometimes, Medicare supplement plans.

Though Part C plans usually mean an additional premium, they also help fill in coverage gaps where Medicare Part A, B, and D will not pay. These plans are ideal for those who suffer from known conditions or are prone to certain conditions and want to ensure their medical services will be covered.

Part D

Medicare Part D offers coverage mostly for self-administered prescription drugs. It is an extension of stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans or Medicare Advantage plans with integrated prescription drug coverage.

It offers coverage for at least two medications in each of 148 categories and most drugs in protected drug classes such as anti-cancer, anti-psychotic, and anti-convulsant drugs.


How Do I Know What Medicare Plans Are Right for Me?

There are many moving parts to the Medicare system, but your friends at Retirement Evolution are well-informed and ready to help. We can recommend Medicare Advantage plans that are perfect for your lifestyle and help you get started on them.

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We are certified to provide Medicare supplement & Medicare advantage plans though United Healthcare.