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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Retirement Evolution Group?

We are a full service life and health insurance company, with additional investment options for accredited investors. Although new to Florida, the principals have been in the insurance industry since the mid 2000's. If you are looking for life insurance, annuities, assistance with Medicare supplements, or are looking for an alternative investment to help your retirement, you have come to the right place. Our outlook on retirement is to reduce fees, secure fixed returns and help maintain wealth though smart financial decisions. 

How do I contact Retirement Evolution Group?

Our office is located at 510 CR 466, Ste 207K, Lady Lake, FL 32159. 

You can reach us locally by calling (352) 448-8220 or toll free  1-(844)-673-7236

When will the next Evolution in Retirement educational event be held?

For more information regarding upcoming events give us a call today (352) 448-8220 or check out our Seminar Page

How can I determine how much income I will need during retirement?

Determining your need for income depends on a few factors such as lifestyle, health, and retirement outlook. Your income may be reduced when you stop working and begin collecting your benefits though Social Security, qualified retirement savings, and/or a pension. Once you know where your income during retirement will be coming from, you can start answering the questions of how much you will need to live on: 


  • What are my monthly expenses?
  • How is my current health?
  • Do I plan on traveling during retirement?
  • How long will I need my money to last? 


Our savings and distribution calculator may help you determine how long your money will last. Tools like these can be very helpful to begin a conversation regarding your retirement income needs. 

How much life insurance do I need?

This question can be answered after an evaluation of your need for life insurance. The addition of a life insurance policy can greatly help preserve the wealth of your family, help with estate planning, or give you  an alternative income stream - with the right type of policy. Your age and health will determine the cost of some policies, which require a medical review. To find out if a life insurance policy is right for you, give us a call today.

How can an annuity help my retirement?

An annuity is an insurance contract which guarantees an income that you will not outlive and can help to provide financial protection during retirement. Annuity contracts can be qualified (retirement savings you have not yet paid taxes on) or non-qualified (savings you have paid taxes on).  Our annuity calculator can help show you how a fixed annuity will help supplement your retirement income.

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